The Endeavour

Schizophrenia can be a chronic, debilitating illness that is currently not well understood by most and stigmatized by those who only know about the extraordinarily problematic cases. Some of the negative perceptions and misconceptions of the illness have families, friends, coworkers, and the community of those with schizophrenia worried they will take some kind of drastic action in their or others' lives. But it is not necessarily something that needs to be afraid of and troubled by entirely. A diagnosis is certainly not a prognosis and it is possible to recover from and, in some ways, be better and even flourish coming out of the throes of a psychotic experience.

Despite affecting approximately one percent of the global population, schizophrenia is considerably hiding in the shadows of societies. It is with hope that there can and will be a change in how we see the illness, see the individuals with the illness, and see how those with psychosis may contribute and benefit society in constructive, creative, and positive ways. If this endeavour of empowerment by reconceiving, reestablishing, and rethinking the presumptions, perceptions, and possibilities of those diagnosed with psychosis, and schizophrenia in particular, can help any single individual in some or any way, then the endeavour will have provided it's purpose.

Empowerment may come from allowing an individual or group of individuals to speak for themselves and provide their own experiences as the basis for how to better themselves, their community, and society. Rather than just being told as how to function and behave, we can have the ability and capability to know what may help and hinder ourselves, putting the power into our own hands. As individuals - and not just a set of diagnosable symptoms - each and every human is unique and have something that only they themselves may offer the world. Despite this, a diagnosis, or encapsulation, can be valuable in seeing where we are at in relation to the rest of society and what could be if we put these encapsulations to good use.

With a diagnosis of schizophrenia there is a sense of limitations of what can and cannot be done in how a schizophrenic may operate compared to others. But are these limitations really there? Or do we and others are where there is a deficit and falsely define our whole lives around those limitations? There is always the chance to change and redefine ourselves in every moment, and it is always in the moment of now that we can begin to do so. Now is always the time and we are here now.

The Schizophrenia Empowerment Endeavour will be starting off as just a blog of my personal journey in my process of recovery - which is already three years in - and will extend to include others who have received the same diagnosis. It will include meanderings, insight, and media that pertains to what it is about and what it is like to go through the experience. How far it will extend is still a mystery, but once again, as long as this will help one other individual, this help may reverberate out and help more people subsequently. This is the hope in how we may empower ourselves as diagnosed schizophrenic individuals and the hope that this endeavour will change perceptions of such individuals.